Save Money (and the environment) with Aeratron Ceiling Fans

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March 31, 2021

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to heat your home and not the planet? The Aeratron Ceiling Fan range is one of a kind, using less energy consumption than it takes to charge your smartphone! Air conditioning or heaters can account for up to 46% of the average households energy consumption. If you want to stay warm in winter and cool in summer without skyrocketing your electricity bill then installing an Aeratron Ceiling Fan could be the best option for you!

  • Save Money in Summer

  • Keep Warm in Winter

  • Better for the Environment

Saving in Summer

In summer, each time you lower your air conditioning by one degree you could be increasing your energy consumption by up to 10%! Aeratron Ceiling Fans can keep the cool air in your home circulating towards ground level, thus keeping you cool with less energy than it takes to charge your smart phone! With an energy-efficient Aeratron Ceiling Fan, you’ll find it gives you the options to turn your air conditioner off, run your air conditioner at a higher temperature or even skip having to turn it on all together! By instead turning on your Aeratron Ceiling Fan you’re allowing the fan to circulate the cool air around the space, keeping you cool for less.

Keeping Warm in Winter

It’s not common to hear that you should be using your Ceiling Fan in winter to stay warm and save money! We all know that hot air rises while cooler air stays at ground level. A smart way to harness this is by recirculating the hot air throughout your space. The Aeratron Ceiling Fan range is designed specifically with a winter ‘reverse’ function to allow the warm air to circulate back into your ground-level space. This small by mighty feature again can save you huge amounts of money on your electricity bills by minimizing the amount of time and degree to which you have your heating system running.

Better for the Environment

It’s great knowing how much money you can save by having an Aeratorn Ceiling Fan installed. By reducing your energy consumption you’re helping do your bit to contribute to saving the environment. You can help reduce the level of impact you have on the environment by running energy-efficient Aeratron Ceiling Fans rather than costly and high-energy consumption systems like air conditioning. Reducing your electricity bills saves you money and save the environment!

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