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October 9, 2020

Our highly-anticipated latest designer ceiling fan the Breeze Silent is here! It has been a long process of constant product research and development to produce an energy-efficient, adaptable and modern ceiling fan. With highly competitive pricing, airflow and adaptability we are confident that the Breeze Silent ceiling fan will work wonders in almost all spaces. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ceiling fan for your office space or home you will be pleasantly surprised with the amazing jamb-packed features of our new release!


The new Breeze Silent ceiling fan has been built with ultra-durable, UV stabilised ABS, to suit both indoor and outdoor applications, this makes it absolutely perfect for the grating Australian climate. We know that having a rust-free and durable ceiling fan is very important in Australian weather conditions, with the Breeze Silent ceiling fan you’ll be happy to know that we’ve made this one to last through even the toughest of weather conditions!

  • Ultra-durable Ceiling Fan Blades

  • UV Stabilised ABS Blades

  • Indoor/Outdoor Usability

Retrofittable Light Kit Options

One of our favourite and most anticipated features is the retrofittable light kit available. If you struggle with choosing whether to purchase a ceiling fan with or without a light, or are unsure what exactly you’re going to need your ceiling fan for, then the new Breeze Silent ceiling fan is a great option for you! The retrofittable light kit allows for a light to be added to your ceiling fan after purchase. This means you don’t need to choose between light or not when you are first purchasing. Our stylish dimmable LED light kit outputs up to 2,500 lumens and comes equipped with CCT (Colour Changing Technology) to allow changes between warm, neutral and cool light temperatures!


Perhaps one of the most exciting features about the new Breeze Silent ceiling fan is the quiet yet powerful airflow distribution. With a powerful airflow of 15,128 (m3/hr) on its highest setting, this ceiling fan is a stand-out in the market. Whether you’re wanting to keep cool through efficient air distribution in your bedrooms, living areas or exterior spaces, this ceiling fan will blow you away! Better yet, save money on your electricity bills, this ceiling fan only uses a minuscule 38 watts per hour for the DC model and 55 watts per hour for the AC model.

Colour, Motor and Sizing Options

The new Breeze Silent ceiling fan is available in two stylish finishes, a sharp and simple all-white matte finish and a sleek and modern matter-black statement finish. We wanted to offer as many options as possible so that finding the perfect ceiling fan for your space could be as spot-on as possible. This ceiling fan is available in both AC and energy-efficient DC motor options. With sizing of 48 inches and 52 inches available in both motor types. For more information on our sizing, colour and motor options click here.

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