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AeroDC is the proud Australian distributor of Aeratron; home to the best performer as tested by CHOICE®, the AE3+.

Designed in Australia for the Australian climate by a Swiss-German engineering team and assembled by hand in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

Aeratron’s approach in designing our world-class ceiling fans was to completely rethink the shape and underlying technology of the common ceiling fans. As a result, Aeratron operates in complete harmony with the natural world with fans that stand in class all by themselves.

AeroDC’s range of high-performance CHOICE® rated designer Aeratron ceiling fans work to seamlessly blend into their environment. Utilising the body’s own natural cooling system to optimise efficiency and won’t dry your skin and eyes like air conditioning.

With a winning design in hand, we then turned to technology to help minimize fan noise and improve efficiency. We added a unique Self-Balancing System to prevent the fan from wobbling and were able to reduce the energy consumption of the fans by a further 50%.

Airborne is the brainchild of some of the most experienced local ceiling fan manufacturers and retailers in the industry.

Airborne was born from the shared experience of craving a high-quality product that you can trust without the price tag. Our entire range of timeless designs are made with the Australian climate in mind as Airborne strives to deliver reliable, premium air movement products to every Australian home.

Airborne aims to provide a range of ceiling fans to suit any space and lifestyle, designed using the latest engineering technologies. Airborne ceiling fan offer customers quality products at affordable prices.

Calibo is the brainchild of a flock of experienced industry players from a variety of backgrounds. As the bowerbird in the Calibo logo suggests, we make it our business to collect and make accessible the best home innovations from around the globe by harnessing the collective experiences of our customers, team and network and challenging the norm.

We want to keep it simple, hand-selecting the hardiest and most stylish materials to construct our quality range of high-performance ceiling fans, lighting & more. The quality of our product is backed by our phenomenal local service team and amazing warranty terms