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Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

Everyone deserves peace of mind when buying a new product. That’s why Calibo has your back with a manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.

Our warranty gives you peace of mind, along with our trained technicians, and service call centre located right here in Australia, making sure you're never left stressed if your product suddenly has issues.

By Completing the registration, your warranty will be extended to 3 Year in home warranty plus 3 year Parts warranty, receiver and remote comes with a 12 month in home warranty.

To qualify for your warranty extension you will need to complete the registration form provided on our website within the initial 90 days after purchase date on your receipt.

This warranty extension does not exclude or replace your statutory rights given under the Australian Consumer Law and Regulations Act 2010 and is in addition to our standard warranty terms that you can find below.

Balance of Warranty on Repaired or Replaced Products.

Any replaced or repaired product is covered only by the balance of the warranty remaining on the original article. 

Transfer of Warranty.

If the dwelling where the product or remote control is installed changes hands, the balance of the warranty passes to the new owner, providing the original bill of sale for the product is retained by the new owner. Warranty does not cover damage to the product if it is moved from one dwelling to another during the warranty period. The warranty is voided in total if the product is sold as second-hand goods.

The following is NOT covered by warranty.

  • Any damage incurred after delivery to the owner that is not caused by a fault in the products materials or workmanship; damage from lightning or power surges; incorrect installation; damage due to incorrect installation; noise or other influence of ripple control or information access systems operated over power delivery infrastructure; water damage of any kind; installation or use outdoors; damage arising from connection to or use with alternative power systems (e.g. inverters, solar, etc.).

  • Products not installed by a licensed electrician.

  • Repair of a product used incorrectly, accidentally damaged, modified in any way or not serviced in accordance with the maintenance instructions.

  • Travelling costs incurred by Calibo personnel or service agents and/or the cost of transporting and insuring the product between the nearest Calibo agents' service depot and its normal location. These costs must be met by the purchaser.

  • Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, claims for damage to furniture, carpet, walls, ceilings, foundations or any other consequential loss either directly or indirectly resulting from a faulty product.

  • Signals sent through the mains power supply by the electricity supplier for off-peak hot water, and other signals including those for street lights and such. These signals may cause an intermittent humming in the product. It is not the fault of the product. 

  • Calibo products not purchased and installed in Australia.

  • For in-home warranties, a service call fee will be charged where; there is nothing wrong with the product or; the defective operation of the product is due to failure of electricity or; the installation is not in accordance with AeroDC instructions and/or applicable local regulations or; the defects have been caused by the incorrect application or abuse of the product or; the damage has been caused by unauthorised persons attempting to repair the product.


Whether you'd like some assistance with registering your product, want some advice on what warranty comes with your Calibo product or you simply want to give us some feedback - we're here to help.

Get in touch via 1300 116 305 during our office hours of 9am - 5PM AEST (QLD) or email us on [email protected]

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