Picture this, a lazy summer afternoon on your deck, a gentle breeze through your hair, and the soft hum of a perfectly silent fan making the entire scene even more idyllic. Now, thanks to Calibo’s curation of outdoor-friendly ceiling fans, this dreamy scenario can be your reality. Let’s take a closer look at the irresistible trio that’s turning outdoor living into an art form: Enviro, Breeze Silent, and the Ascot.


Calibo’s Enviro is not just a fan; it’s a statement about sustainable living without sacrificing aesthetics. With its DC motor bringing an eco-friendly breeze, weather-resistant design, and an integrated LED light, the Calibo Enviro is perfect for any outdoor area in your home!

Breeze Ceiling Silent

The Breeze Silent redefines outdoor comfort with a harmonious blend of advanced technology and style. Operating silently, crafted with premium materials, and featuring a remote control for convenience, the Breeze Silent is the ideal companion for those craving a peaceful outdoor experience.


Meet the Ascot, the latest jewel in Calibo’s collection, with a robust motor and a sleek, chic appearance, the Ascot effortlessly blends into any of your outdoor areas! It’s the ideal pick for those who favour the seamless union of style and technology. 

Whether it’s the eco-chic Calibo Enviro, stylish Breeze Silent, or timeless Ascot, each fan is a testament to the marriage of style, innovation, and the art of outdoor living. Transform your home with our range of outdoor fans and enjoy your outdoor living all-year long.