The Best Ceiling Fans for Your Bedrooms

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November 4, 2020

With ceiling fan technology and advancements constantly developing it can be tricky to keep up! So, how exactly do you pick the best ceiling fan for your bedroom? Although many things can be taken into consideration when looking for the best ceiling fan for your bedroom, we help guide you through the process of picking the best fan by operation, size, usability and style.


Perhaps one of the most important details for picking a ceiling fan in the bedroom is the amount of noise produced! There are two types of motors available on the market, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). DC ceiling fans, although more expensive from the outset, are much cheaper to operate over AC ceiling fans as they can save up to 80% on your energy savings. One of the biggest advantages of having a DC operated ceiling fan is that it’s much quieter than AC operated ceiling fans. DC ceiling fans are commonly found in bedrooms because of their quiet and efficient operation. Some noise can still be produced from the blades as they slice through the air but motor operation is at a minimum in DC fans. If you’re looking for a quiet ceiling fan for the bedroom than the Storm ceiling fan and the Enviro ceiling fan are great contenders!



When looking for the perfect ceiling fan for your bedroom you’re likely going to be searching for a quiet, versatile option. Considering airflow in a bedroom it’s important to go with a ceiling fan that has suitable airflow for your space. For smaller bedrooms, we recommend ceiling fans between 48” and 52”. The Airborne range boasts ample options for these criteria including the competitively priced Bulimba ceiling fan and the durable Ascot ceiling fan. A great pick for your larger bedrooms is the Storm DC ceiling fan, this ceiling fan is a 5 blade option perfect for providing a comfortable and quiet space. The Storm ceiling fan offers a versatile design and great price, you won’t be disappointed!



What exactly do you want your ceiling fan to be able to do? With large product variations on the market, there are many different options to pick from! First things first, usually in a bedroom we find that people are wanting their ceiling fan to have an in-built light. This isn’t always the case, you might want to have your lighting separate but this is something you will want to decide on to make sure you purchase the right ceiling fan. The entire Airborne range has both with and without light options, but if you’re really stuck on deciding than the Breeze Silent ceiling fan will be ideal for your space. This ceiling fan has the option for a retrofittable light kit which allows for a light to be installed after purchase! Another important point to think about when deciding on what ceiling fan is best for you is energy efficiency. If you’re wanting an energy-efficient ceiling fan than you will want to go with a DC ceiling fan as they offer the most energy savings. The Airborne Storm, Breeze Silent and Enviro are great DC ceiling fan options!



Deciding on the style of your ceiling fan will definitely come down to your personal preference. We’ve made it easy to choose the best style for your space by having a versatile and adaptable colour palette available across the Airborne range. Every ceiling fan in the Airborne range is available in crisp whites and sophisticated blacks. With ceiling fan design changing greatly across the range. We recommend the Airborne Storm if you’re looking to make a design statement and the Airborne Breeze Silent for bedrooms where you might require a flush retrofittable light kit.


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