If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Australian summers, it’s that they can be sweltering hot! While a dip in the ocean or a cold drink can provide some temporary relief, creating a cool and well-lit oasis at home is equally important. That’s where Calibo’s range of ceiling fans with lights comes to the rescue. In this blog we’ll explore the top picks from Calibo’s collection, marrying functionality with style for the ultimate summer comfort!

Breeze Silent

Calibo’s Breeze Silent is more than just a ceiling fan; it’s a testament to modern engineering. If there were a fan that could whisper, the Breeze Silent would be it. The aerodynamic design of its three blades ensures optimal air circulation without compromising on the serene quietness it’s named after.

At the core of the Breeze Silent is its groundbreaking DC motor, designed not just for power but for silence. This fan is a true game-changer for those who appreciate a cool breeze without the distracting hum of traditional fans. What’s more, the integrated LED light kit adds illumination to any room while keeping energy consumption in check.

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Step into the dreamlike world of the Calibo CloudFan, where elegance meets ethereal beauty. This fan is a visual masterpiece, with its five uniquely crafted blades resembling the delicate wisps of clouds. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the CloudFan boasts a powerful DC motor, ensuring efficient and quiet operation.

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In an age where environmental consciousness is paramount, the Calibo Enviro takes center stage. This ceiling fan is a harmony of sleek design and eco-friendly functionality. The DC motor, renowned for its energy efficiency, ensures that your cooling needs are met without a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

The Enviro is not just about cooling; it’s a statement of responsibility. The integrated LED light, with its warm glow, adds a layer of ambiance that complements the environmentally conscious ethos of the fan. Discover how style and sustainability intertwine seamlessly with the Calibo Enviro.

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Calibo’s commitment to innovation and style is exemplified through the Breeze Silent, Enviro, and CloudFan. As the summer temperatures rise, these ceiling fans stand ready to provide the perfect blend of cool breezes and illuminated ambiance, so you can host from dusk to dawn, all summer long.