Which Is the Right Aeratron for You?

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October 15, 2020

The Aeratron range of unique ceiling fans have been designed in Australia for Australian homes by a Swiss-German engineering team and assembled by hand in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Taiwan. Aeratron’s range offers silence inspired by nature, more specifically, the muse for the Aeratron patented design is through observed efficiency and stealth of the world’s quietest avian species. The range of CHOICE® rated Aeratron ceiling fans have been refined to offer the absolute perfect airflow experience which can be felt but not heard.

Finding the right Aeratron for you has never been easier. This snapshot shows some differences between our AE2+, Ae3+ and FR models, discover more about each model in the ‘Find Out More’ section.

AE2+ AE3+ FR
Airflow 11,947m3/hr
Quietness 5 STAR 5 STAR 4.5 STAR
Efficiency 5 STAR 5 STAR 4.5 STAR
Blade Dimension 3D 3D 2D
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Aeratron Range Explained


This unique 2-blade 3D ceiling fan offers not only a cooler environment but also a benefit to the natural environment by using less power than your smartphone. Rated as the MOST EFFICIENT 2013-2018 by Energy Star, it comes as no surprise that the AE2+ is a highly recommended ceiling fan. The finishes on the AE2+ offer a quiet, smooth and optimal airflow experience. The AE2+ series features a 3D ceiling fan blade design, which increases airflow, efficiency while decreasing sound.

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Similar to the AE2+, the AE3+ is a very unique ceiling fan on the market and features 3D ceiling fan blades which provide maximum airflow with minimal noise. With three blades the AE3+ is our best-seller and brings international multi-award-winning design and efficiency. Again, the AE3+ has been rated the MOST EFFICIENT 2013-2018 by Energy Star as well as the best performer as rated by CHOICE®. The Aeratron AE3+ ceiling fan offers supreme comfort in your home, by maintaining the perfect living environment for you through smooth and quiet airflow.

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Aeratron strives to provide supreme airflow through our ceiling fan products. Our 2D 3-blade FR series has been designed predominantly to offer the market the same efficiency, silence and eco-friendly attributes at a more affordable price range than our 3D models. Our FR model encompasses quiet, smooth and even airflow to provide the perfect environment. We offer our FR model in a 3 blade option only however airflow is higher in the FR series but efficiency is lower. Having a slightly different canopy in the FR than the AE+ range, the main difference can be seen in the aesthetics of the FR ceiling fan. The FR ceiling fan canopy is slightly squarer than the AE+ which has a more round shape. Lastly, the FR provides a timer for 2,4 and 8 hours.

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